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  • Gypsy Kit
  • Gypsy Kit
  • Gypsy Kit
  • Gypsy Kit

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For the wanderers, the seekers, the gypsies!

A handmade travel bag that contains a core of essential oil must-haves when on the road:


Each Gypsy Kit (available with paper airplane or "Gypsy Kit" stitching) contains:

Drift Away Spray (30ml) - This lavender-powered potion will aid relaxation while traversing time zones and can freshen any hotel room pillow to ready you for sleep.

Shield Me Spray (30ml) - This antioxidant and anti-bacterial powerhouse is key to keeping the ick away while on the road. Use it as a hand spray in between visits to the sink, or use on suspect surfaces like airplane trays.

Tummy Tamer Roller (5ml) - Perhaps the most essential component of a travel collection should be the salve that aids digestion, tummy troubles, and helps quell a queasy belly (either by inhaling or applying topically).

Shield Me Roller (5ml) - The same blend of essential oils that gives your immunity a leg up in the Shield Me spray is included again in this roller, blended with fractionated coconut oil. Applying this to pulse points before traveling and soles of feet at the end of the day is another great way to interface with the powerful oils that boost immunity.

Boo Boo Bye Bye Roller (5ml) - A topical remedy for all the things that may plague your skin while away from home. Key players, Lavender and Melaleuca, assist healing after a boo boo or skin irritation.

Root Down Roller (5ml) - All the motion that is inherent in travel can make you feel like a rolling stone, which means taking the time to ground down is imperative on the road. This grounding blend contains a plethora of tree essential oils to help with that downward energy flow. Great to anoint your meditation practice with, and great to encourage deep breaths, as the scent is divine. 

Shield Me Beadlets - You might notice that this is the third 'Shield Me' Product in this collection, and that's precisely because we are all about getting this blend into the mix in any way possible when your immune system is at risk of falling prey to novel viruses or bacteria. These beadlets can be popped in your mouth or simply swallowed to ingest a 1/4 drop of a protective essential oil blend.

Respiratory Mints (2) - These puppies are a most clever take on 'mints' because they offer a variety of benefits. Replace your cough candies with these respiratory helpers, or allow your vocal chords to be soothed after a day of too much talking.  The peppermint will not only freshen breath, but can also help to settle an uneasy tummy (especially when traveling by boat). One more great travel secret is to suck these during takeoff and landing to help pressurize your ears. 

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